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"Jennifer Weedon, who suggests a cross between Sissy Spaceck and Calista Flockhardt, is affecting as the daughter Leora, who struggles to educate herself and keep her family together when her brother becomes ill... Cast and crew were invited to attend a White House screening of the film.


"..Weedon contributes a performance of note."

"It's worth the effort to connect to the rightly leisurely pace of Height... In the forefront are two young people, Evan Caldwell (Evan Palazzo) and Leora Jones (Jennifer Weedon), the mainstay of her motherless family, a bright strongwilled young woman
determined to make a better life for herself... Fine performances from a varied and wide cast."

"One of the class acts in the Dances With Films Fest of ultra low budget indies, Lyn Clinton's The Height of theSky...Spiritual center is Leora Jones (a fine, low-key Jennifer Weedon),itching to teach and seeking to uncover deep, dark family secrets as TB rips her kin apart."


"The movie is beautifully filmed and Clinton does a great job of capturing the impoverished look of the Jones family...Clinton also gets a great deal of support from her cast, who are all superb, especially [Jennifer] Weedon." 

"I was particularly impressed with Lyn Clinton's direction and the lead played by Jennifer Weedon."

KAS2000 Magazine

"Jennifer did a hell of a job. A lot of people compared her to Sissy Spacek."

"The producers of Intimation Theatre Company [including Jennifer] are gutsy, to say the least....Jennifer Weedon is solidly present in all her roles."

"I was taken by Jennifer's real and very moving performance."

                                   -Anthony Lover

                                    Emmy winning director/writer

"Entertaining, hilarious, and relevant content..."

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